Photo of banana cake

Sweet mornings…banana cake anyone?

Sweet mornings everyone :),

I woke up with a desire for something sweet but at the same time healthy. As I was morning chatting with mum she proposed that we could bake a banana cake. So, as long as we checked that we had two bananas we begun preparing!

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Photo of outdoor run

Outdoor Run is Fun!

Hey everyone,

Today was awesome! I had a wonderful time in the outdoor run I did today!  Fitness is fun!

So, I needed to do my workout for today, and I decided as the sun was shining to get out of the house and prefer the park instead the gym club. This park is 10 minutes far from my house by car. There, usually people are taking their dogs for a walk as there is plenty of space for them to run free.

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Photo of churros

From Mexico to Athens!

Hey hey,

Is anyone hungry? Caution – Be sure to have something prepared to eat after reading this post as it will excite your appetite! Sooo… once in a while with my brother and sister we choose a nice place to go for lunch in order to catch up and enjoy super tasty food! One of our favourite choices is Ancho Mexican Grillat Chalandri, a superb in Athens. Ancho has the style of street food, accompanied with a really nice atmosphere and music.

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Photo of sunny moments

Sunny moments to remember.

Happy Spring everyone :),

Yesterday we officially welcomed Spring 2017!! This means that summer is close hehe – it is my favourite season actually and I can’t wait! In Athens, Greece this week has been very sunny!! I love sunny days, the only thing I want to do when the sun is shinning is get out of the house and have a walk under the sun, drink cold coffee, beer or fruitful cocktails with nice company!

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Love like there’s no tomorrow!

Close you eyes for a sec and think the last moment you felt grateful about your life.

How many hours, days, moments do we spend thinking only about what we have to study, what bills we have to pay, what obligations we have, what we have to prepare for work and eventually let days pass by not having actually enjoyed or dedicated an hour or so from our days to the people we love?Read More »

Photo of fitness motivation

There is a solution for these moments…you chose your couch!

Hello everyone,

There are these moments where you are at home laying on the couch trying to imagine yourself at the gym, at the swimming pool, or at the place where you do your training, and it’s kind of difficult and boring. I caught myself this year many times preferring the couch rather than the treadmill…oupss…doing this for some time didn’t have nice consequences. I ended up exercising for a week or so and then loosing the drive for regular exercise. At some point I got fed up and told myself that’s enough!! Some fitness motivation is needed. So, I’m doing things that keep me motivated so I won’t give up again.Read More »