Photo of dog walk

Don’t let little things ruin your moments.

Hello hello,

I’m very excited about my new blog. I decided to write my fist blog post ever inspired by something that happened to me today morning. For two days I have been sick in my bed all day and not at all in a good mood as I have a lot of studying for university – not really a good combination.

So, yesterday I was feeling better and decided to get up from bed! I thought of this nice idea to begin my day with a moment with Dex or Deki as we call him (my love, my 4 year old dog), a morning walk near my area to catch up with him and take away coffee!! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, everything was really nice, I took the coffee and started going back home to get started with organising my papers.


As I was standing on the yard door ready to unlock it, having managed to hold in my hands the coffee, Deki’s leash and the keys, the thing that you don’t even want to imagine happening  at that moment just did… THE COFFEE SPLASHED ON THE GROUND!!!


I’m the kind of person that her mood of the day can change into good or bad according to really small things sometimes. Todays unlucky coffee moment was ready to spoilt my whole morning butttt I said to myself “Helen take a deep breath, smile and move on with your day” these things are not the ones that should ruin our moments. Instead, I should be thinking how lucky I am that I can buy this coffee and go for a walk at first place. What I did, was wipe the floor, and then go upstairs prepare my self a yummy yummy breakfast – croissants along with a cup of milk . I put on YoutTube a cheerful song, and end up studying in a great mood!

Remember, don’t let little things destroy your mood and positivity! Begin your day with a smile on your face. “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

Enjoy every moment!!

Until next time, keep smiling images

So, tell me guys, do you let little things ruin your moments?


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