Spinning time. Fun time.

Good morning everyone,

Today I woke up feeling a bit stiff from yesterday’s training but it was totally worth it!! Last Monday (one week ago) I decided to start eating healthier as one year now I was eating whatever I wanted without any restrictions but with some consequences. I gained some extra pounds that I finally decided to get rid of. 

By deciding to eat healthier I’m feeling more confident and much better! So, what was missing was…exercise of course! I want to achieve and practice 3-4 times a week. The first fitness experience that I want to share with you is spinning that I did yesterday! It was awesome.


In the fitness club that I’m going near my house there are everyday spinning classes mostly at night around 20:00-22:00 o’clock. The great thing about it is the music and disco lights. Check Instagram for a short video :).


For those of you who doesn’t know or tried indoor spinning, participants gather in the class, stationary bicycles wait for them and the first thing to do is to adjust their bicycles to the right ranges. The class has max 14 people and the instructor who sits at the front of the class leads the participants. The instructors in the gym I go are super motivated, use great music and are full of enthusiasm! With spinning you exercise various parts of the body, arms, legs, abs.  Spinning offers some great benefits!

Stay tuned, more fitness fun and motivation is coming up! Have a great day everyone!!!

Do you practice at all? I would love to know what is your favourite fitness exercise !!!


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