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There is a solution for these moments…you chose your couch!

Hello everyone,

There are these moments where you are at home laying on the couch trying to imagine yourself at the gym, at the swimming pool, or at the place where you do your training, and it’s kind of difficult and boring. I caught myself this year many times preferring the couch rather than the treadmill…oupss…doing this for some time didn’t have nice consequences. I ended up exercising for a week or so and then loosing the drive for regular exercise. At some point I got fed up and told myself that’s enough!! Some fitness motivation is needed. So, I’m doing things that keep me motivated so I won’t give up again.

I have found a solution to all the things that were holding me back from exercising. Something that is really helpful in order not to miss a fitness training is to have a scheduled training time. So, if you are practicing with a team, or doing personal training, or have selected a group program at the gym, like spinning for example which is scheduled at a specific time, well done, it definitely holds you from skipping training!!

Referring to the boring, the perfect solution is instead of pushing yourself on a moody day to go for your outdoor training, just practice at home! That’s what I’m doing when I have a lot of studying, not a lot of free time or being just bored!


The things you will need vary depending on what you want to do. The things I need for my home training are very simple. I wear just some gym clothes, to be comfortable, and get in the mood for exercise, I select the room in my house that inspires me more, put on some motivating music, and grab the mat, the jumping rope and a towel. We aaaare…Ready!!!


My home practice lasts about 30 minutes. This is the ideal time for me! So, I start with 1min of jumping rope to warm up.

Following up:


After finishing every workout I do I stretch. It is really important to stretch after your training as it offers a lot of benefits :)!

Every time I practice at home I’m feeling great, I have a shower after and a snack! I totally believe that you should try and find a workout that inspires you to do at home for “these days”… And don’t forget music!!!!

What is the music you enjoy most working out with?

Until next time stay motivated and healthy!



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