Love like there’s no tomorrow!

Close you eyes for a sec and think the last moment you felt grateful about your life.

How many hours, days, moments do we spend thinking only about what we have to study, what bills we have to pay, what obligations we have, what we have to prepare for work and eventually let days pass by not having actually enjoyed or dedicated an hour or so from our days to the people we love?


There are some days that I have caught myself just waiting for the next day to come…have you ever felt this way? I’m thinking why, what makes me spend some days like this…Stress is the problem for me, stress about study obligations is mostly the cause that I let many days in my life pass with me being negative about everything. Today, was one of these days. Thoughts about my future and study obligations had freaked out my mind. I had dived into a bad mood when someone decided to “wake me up” and a smile came to my face again. Letting people be on your side through your bad and good moments is the best thing you can do!

I’m lucky enough to say that I lack nothing. I’m lucky to have my family, my friends, my love, a home to live in, food to eat and the chance to acquire education. So, why feeling like this anyway?


Doing a research for my dissertation an hour ago I fell onto a short branded film by a chocolate brand in Greece, Lacta, which is a symbol of love. This online film called “Love like there’s no tomorrow” through it’s romantic messages really urges you to really love like there’s no tomorrow!!! Through this film what I keep is that you don’t have to wait until you loose something or someone to understand the value of having them by your side! We don’t have to take anything for granted in this life! We are not always given second chances. A day has 24 hours, don’t let yourselves regret about the things you didn’t do!

Do you know what’s coming up tomorrow? No! Because no one does.

Enjoy each moment of your life. Do the things you want to do! Don’t put off for tomorrow!



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