Photo of sunny moments

Sunny moments to remember.

Happy Spring everyone :),

Yesterday we officially welcomed Spring 2017!! This means that summer is close hehe – it is my favourite season actually and I can’t wait! In Athens, Greece this week has been very sunny!! I love sunny days, the only thing I want to do when the sun is shinning is get out of the house and have a walk under the sun, drink cold coffee, beer or fruitful cocktails with nice company!

Because of studying I can’t always go out. Today for example the sun was shining and I had to work on two different projects that I have to submit for university!

However, what helps me is remembering some of my favourite sunny moments. I’ll share some of my moments with you guys! Sooo are you ready? … here comes the sun!


A walk in nature! On Sunday the sun was shining and I managed to study early in the morning. So, at around 14:00 o’clock we went with my boyfriend for a walk up to Hymettus mountain in Athens.


 It’s not far from our homes, it took us around 15 minutes to reach the top by car. The view up there was wonderful, as you are able to view the sea, the island of Aegina and also Parnitha mountain. A lot of people were up there, some were having picnics, some were reaching the top with bicycles, and others were just having a walk in nature.


The secret waterfalls! Back in September, on my birthday we went with friends in a magical place in a region of Athens called Penteli. Since then I had no idea that so near our homes there were two small waterfalls, 4-5 meters high. It was not difficult to find them with the help of our phone maps.


Some of us swam, actually only my friend Val and the two dogs – the only brave ones hehe. Diego, the dog of my friend Tatiana, did a great splash!!! We went there very well equipped, as we had snacks, beers and a bit of Masticha with us! We had a great time and just before the sun went down we left.



THE Sunset! A really nice (sun) moment to recall from August 2016 is that amazing sunset in Adiparos island in Cyclades, Greece! Our summer house is located in the island of Paros, so we decided with my family an evening to go to Adiparos to enjoy the sunset along with Mojito cocktails.


Adiparos is 1.9km from Paros with the local ferry, around 5 minutes distance. When we reached the island we walked towards the sunset, there is a bar there where people gather to enjoy the sunset. Words are unnecessary!


These are some of the moments I remember each time I’m at home studying when outside the sun is shining and I can’t enjoy it. I try to see the bright side of life and enjoy every moment with positivity!!

Tell me about you guys, do sunny moments make your days? 🙂


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