Photo of churros

From Mexico to Athens!

Hey hey,

Is anyone hungry? Caution – Be sure to have something prepared to eat after reading this post as it will excite your appetite! Sooo… once in a while with my brother and sister we choose a nice place to go for lunch in order to catch up and enjoy super tasty food! One of our favourite choices is Ancho Mexican Grillat Chalandri, a superb in Athens. Ancho has the style of street food, accompanied with a really nice atmosphere and music.



The starter that we all love to share is nachos with melted cheddar cheese on top and guacamole and sour cream on side.

Photo of Nachos

Then for the main dishes the choices are plenty, burritos, tacos, tortillas, quesadillas and salads! We chose quesadillas, burritos and a salad! Ancho Mexican Grill is active at both Instagram and Facebook, two accounts I follow as their photos are really tempting!
Photo of quesadillas


We had a great time but can you imagine what was missing from our belly’s? Oh yes!

Churros tumblr_inline_ocn87c9uhb1tj3979_500 Although at Ancho they have in their menu churros, we wanted to discover another place in Chalandri, that makes really tasty churros and we spotted it as we were walking towards Ancho!

Photo of Churros Chalandri

We enjoyed our churros with sugar, cinnamon and praline on the street accompanied with a lot of laughing!


Do you have any suggestions on the cuisine we should taste next? 🙂 


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