Photo of outdoor run

Outdoor Run is Fun!

Hey everyone,

Today was awesome! I had a wonderful time in the outdoor run I did today!  Fitness is fun!

So, I needed to do my workout for today, and I decided as the sun was shining to get out of the house and prefer the park instead the gym club. This park is 10 minutes far from my house by car. There, usually people are taking their dogs for a walk as there is plenty of space for them to run free.


This road is a bit bumpy, but it has a lot of variations of uphills and downhills so it’s not at all boring. There are a lot of trees in the park and I fully enjoyed nature while running. Imagine that the time passed more quickly today than other days that I run in the treadmill. Take a glimpse of the run on this Instagram video.

Photo of Outdoor run

The workout I followed was interval training. I did my warmup and then for half round I run intensively (approx. 2 minutes) and then cooled down for the other half with an easy jogging. And repeated this six times. It was perfect. I believe outdoor running has something special. After finishing the training I did some 100 abs in 5 sets of 20 using a fitness equipment they have in the park.

Photo of fitness fun

Of course, as I have discussed in a previous blog post stretching should not be omitted!!

After workout when I went home I enjoyed a chicken salad I prepared, full of protein which is my favourite meal after working out.

Now guys, I would like to know what you like best and why? Do you enjoy outdoor runs in nature? 


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