captureHey you!

My name is Elena Papanikitopoulou…to make it easier feel free to call me Papanik. I also hear to Helen, Elen, Helenfun, Lena, Little, and could keep going for ever. I’m Greek and happy to live in this beautiful country.

Still a university student, almost a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. I love what I’m studying however still searching what would be the dream job for the future. My professional steps count 6 years alongside with my studies, having gained quality experience in administration tasks, social media, and PR positions!

Love laughing, relaxing, spending time with friends, enjoying nature, sunset moments, summer, music, dancing, doing sports, eating, exploring new things!!

My Moments – the name of my blog – the place where I share some of my life’s moments, mostly fitness and food experiences, inspirational stories and thoughts that make me feel happy, positive and thankful each day of my life.

Hope you’ll be inspired! Enjoy tumblr_inline_ocn87c9uhb1tj3979_500